Friday, September 24, 2004

Caramel Oreo McFlurries on the Stroke of 12!

My apologies for my slightly depressing political rant from yesterday. I have had comments asking me for amusement, so amusement I shall give. My next conquest for my game (the one thats even better than Monopoly <-- important enough to be capitalized for reasons other than the fact that it is a name) is the cheese grater. Now, I realise that it may take a few days before anyone realises that the cheese grater is missing, so the results won't be as immediately gratifying as the toothpaste, but I think in the long run, hilarity will ensue. I have to work on making the toothpaste reappear...I rather enjoyed Erin's suggestion of putting it in the closet in someone's coat pocket. I also thought it could be amusing to put it in the freezer, which sparked a debate about what exactly frozen toothpaste would look like. I think, to satisfy my curiosity, that I shall have to try it. My fish tank idea is still my favourite, but there was some concern about the toothpaste poisoning the fish. After all, if we're not supposed to swallow it, it can hardly be good for poor innocent little goldfish. I think all this shall have to be done in one swift motion. One item 'reappears' while another one disappears off the face of the earth. I can't wait to see the confusion.

On a different topic, I think Naz and I may just have found hard hats to help us blend in at the 'party.' It shall be an exciting day for all concerned. Hard hats shall be presented, hugs shall be exchanged, pictures shall be taken, champagne shall be sipped.. you get the idea. I cannot wait to see the engineers bonding, skipping around gleefully with smiles on their little faces. The thought of it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. It's like being wrapped in a fleecy blanket. Ahhh *looks wistfully to the sky*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So i am continuing my goal of posting a comment on all of your blogs. All i have to say to you is you are a strange, strange girl. But if you really want to befuddle and anger your family, i suggest hiding the remote control.


September 25, 2004 at 11:06 AM  

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