Wednesday, September 08, 2004

He's a Heterosexual Man!

That song, by the Odds I do believe, has officially become the back to school anthem. Everyone I know (well not everyone, but those cool enough to be deemed my friends at least) has been singing that all day. Really, Jason was the one who started that revolution. I recall one night, several weeks ago, when he was singing that as we drove around in his car. I look back and fondly recall the sweet melody playing on the radio, with Jay happily singing along. And since then, we've all been singing. So thank you, Jason, for bringing a little musical variety into our lives. :)

So as you may have gathered, today was the first day back at school. We had a bus driver who looked oddly like Sean LeLacheur this morning, but bald and aged by about 20 years. We have since started referring to him as Sean Boy. I fear this will end badly, with Sean Boy realising that we mock him mercilessly, and us forgetting that his name isn't actually Sean Boy. Kind of like the time I renamed Tyler, started calling him Marco, and then forgot that his name was actually Tyler. Oh dear.

My classes today were nothing special. Stats, Sociology (Crime and Deviance) and History. My history course is supposed to be European History, but my prof assured us today that it wasn't actually European History. I was confused. If you don't actually teach European History in a European History course, then why call it that? To make up for it, though, my prof used both "iota" and "High-fallutin' " in his lecture, which amused me greatly. After that, I ventured on to Nicole's Bio 108 class, where we spent the better part of the lecture trying to decide which of her TAs she should sleep with to improve her lab mark. After a long debate, we decided on the one in the green shirt...Jeffrey I believe. His voice may be a little girly, but he is far less creepy looking than his TA counterpart in the red shirt. Red Shirt's pants were tucked into his socks, which came to just above his boots, and he had a rather scraggy looking beard. So heres to you, Nicole. Good luck on your lab! ;)

I think thats about all for this post. Tomorrow comes another day of slaving, both in the Institiute of Higher Learning, and the Institute That Employs Me So I Can Visit Jay In South America. School from 9-3:30, and work from 5-10. YEeah! I sure know how to live. Well, thats all folks. This is Jo, signing off from her blog. You stay classy, St. Albert.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok 2 things: First of all your history course is WORLD history not european history, so don't try to blame "the man". Secondly, dont you have better things to do with your time than write blogs, like oh homework, work, think of ways to make my life more enjoyable, etc. Although i do admit thus far your blogs are slightly amusing.
....and no i dont have anything better to do than comment on your blogs.

September 8, 2004 at 7:13 PM  
Blogger Heather S. said...

It can be classy, but remember Jay's little comment about how St. Albert "shat its pants", or something to that effect. I believe it came after the conversation about flushing boxers down the airplane toilet. HAHA. Blogs are good.

September 10, 2004 at 3:05 PM  

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