Saturday, December 11, 2004

The fine art of procrastination...and a Chelebrity

That would be what I am doing right now. Procrastinating. I'm also eating gingerbread cookies iced with Toblerone, and a few Quality Street. I'm so glad I'm making productive use of my time. Today was Gabby's last day at work. That was sad...she's going to El Salvador, of which I am jealous. I want to go to El Salvador! Actually, anywhere but here would be nice. Preferably somewhere warm though, and somewhere I can enjoy good company...and maybe something else....LOL...the dots are there for a reason. (note to Heather: that was the worst code EVER!)

Anyways. For those of you who are interested, Heather and I managed to go for Midnight Mcflurries the other night without my car dying! It was quite a momentous occasion indeed, whose significance is hampered only by the fact that I bought a new battery for my car after it died last time. Because, as I have said before, dead things are funny. My dead car was certainly amusing...who knew that you could fry both yourself AND your car if you try to jump start it but do it wrong? I really should learn how to boost a car, given that, in the past 2 months, I have been in three different situations where jump starting a car was necessary. The most amusing of these was the time that me, Erin and Mikhaela called Ryan at like 11:30, asking him how to boost a car, because we wanted to drive Erin's old car (the trusty Celebrity, aka 'the Bitch', or, as just discovered by moi, the Chelebrity. Its a nice combination of Chevy and Celebrity. Chelebrity) down Seven Hills because we couldn't find a high school keg party to crash on a Wednesday night. Ryan refused to tell us, and Mike called me an idiot and said that we'd get ourselves killed. Or arrested. Hey, we were planning on wearing seatbelts! Needless to say, the knowledge of jump starting a car would be useful for the next time we plan such an endeavour. I wonder if Metro Community College have classes for that?

With that, I feel that I should go and study. Alas, finals are drawing ever closer...they are but 5 days away! Stay classy, St. Albert! (and good luck on exams for those writing) :)


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